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Challenge Creation

Upload your challenge video. Nominate others to do the same.

Become an Influencer

Create Your Own Duels.

Pull From Existing and New Content to create your own Duel challenges. Share it with your friends and vote up the winning Content Creator. Curate popular Duels and quickly become an Influencer!

Earn Income

Collaborate on Challenges with Brands




Coming soon to the Duel app.

Challenges Creation
Challenges Creation

Users can post a challenge video and also nominate the videos of others.

Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer

Every challenge has a countdown timer. Who will win before the clock runs out?

Passcode and Touch ID
Passcode and Touch ID

Integrates with your existing Apple ID. All you need to add is your User name.

Data Privacy By Default
Data Privacy By Default

Users can choose to opt-in if they want to see ads and earn revenue.

Be An Influencer
Be An Influencer

Create content and challenges, win fans, and engage with brands who want to collaborate with you.

Data Monetization
Data Monetization

Share in the revenue of the Duel platform with deposits going straight to your Apple Wallet or Debit card.

Receive an Invite

Be among the first
to Duel

Be part of our limited beta release.
Test our features. Create new content.

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